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  • IDA Vic Lighting

    Lumorail – Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

    Lumorail – Dark Sky Friendly Lighting The Light Fixture Accreditation (LFA) provides objective, third-party certification for luminaires that minimize glare, reduce light trespass, and don’t pollute the night sky. The International Dark-Sky Association Victoria is and the authoritative voice on light pollution in Australia. IDAVic educates lighting designers, manufacturers, technical committees and the public about […]

  • External Stair Lighting Case Study

    Lumorail LED Handrails light the way

    Lumorail LED Handrails light the way One of the only down sides to living atop beautiful Mount Dandenong in Victoria, is the incredibly steep driveways. Alongside a driveway nearly impossible to scale, the owners of this beautiful mansion built a set of stairs by utilising the existing large rocks and adding local stone. With no […]

  • Case Study MAR119

    Lumorail brings a new look to a new home

    Lumorail brings a new look to a new home With the ever increasing value of homes on the Mornington Peninsula, it makes sense to add items that bring a high end feel to any project. With this new home at Safety Beach, Lumorail were invited to supply glass balustrading to the staircase. Even with the […]

  • Lumorail Ulumbarra Theatre

    Lumorail brings new light to Ulumbarra Theatre

    Lumorail brings new light to Ulumbarra Theatre The $28 million transformation of Bendigo’s Gaol to Ulumbarra Theatre was an exciting and unique undertaking, converting an old goldfields gaol into a stunning modern theatre that seats almost 1000 guests. As part of the works an Illuminated handrail was written into the scope. Somehow, somewhere along the […]

  • Double LED Handrail

    Bendigo Theatre – Double Illuminated Handrail

    Lumorail is proud to have installed a double stainless steel handrail at the beautiful Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo in early 2016. The handrail is illuminated with the Forrest Range of continuous LED lighting to provide seamless light through the center of the main entrance staircase. Want more information?  Contact us to arrange a design consultation on 03 […]

  • Illuminating Interview With An Industry Luminary

    An Illuminating Interview With An Industry Luminary    Garry Hannah is nothing if not passionate about lighting especially LED.  He is also no newcomer to the balustrading industry having served many years across its many facets.  All of his experience both hands on and in research and development culminated in the formation of his company, […]

  • The Aston Range

    The Aston – LED Handrail with RGB Lighting

    The Aston – LED Handrail with RGB Lighting This recently completed home features the Aston Range of LED Handrail around the outdoor entertainment area.   The handrail with fully integrated lighting offers an alternative to traditional decorative fixtures while still providing ample light to the walkway. The LED handrail lighting is completely controlled by remote control, allowing […]

  • Lumorail – Continuing to innovate

    In addition to atmosphere, safety in your home is often paramount. Lumorail LED Handrails can include an incorporated sensor, allowing your lights to be activated as you approach. With infra-red sensors incorporated into the LED handrail system, the stairs are visible at all times. This added to the versatility of dimmers, light sensing switches, and […]

  • The Health Aspect of Light

     The Health Aspect of Light – Light from a Biochemical Approach.   By Garry Hannah Until the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was the major source of lighting, and people spent their evenings in (relative) darkness. Now, in much of the world, evenings are illuminated, and we take our easy access to all those […]

  • ‘Melanie Range’ Closet Rails in Toorak Mega Mansion

    Set behind high, ornate metal fences, the home is understood to span about 3200sq m, with a grand ballroom, five bedrooms, two kitchens, nine bathrooms and powder rooms, staff quarters and a huge basement garage for a fleet of luxury cars. This amazing home had the Lumorail – Melanie Range Closet Rails specified into the […]

  • LED Lighting affecting wallabies

    Light pollution delays wallaby reproduction and puts joeys at risk

    This article by Anna Salleh is a great example of why Lumorail handrails are suited to environmentally sensitive areas.  Our lighting levels can be accurately controlled to be at or below 3000k (Warm white), and also directed onto walkways or paths without excessive spilling of light into the surroundings. “Artificial light is causing some wallabies to delay when […]

  • Illuminated Handrail – 699 Bourke St Melbourne

    Lumorail was specified to supply & install a white powder coated Illuminated Handrail using the Forrest Range of continuous lighting to the new AGL Head office at 699 Bourke St Melbourne.  One of the major considerations in the design of the building was using energy efficient products which is why Lumorail’s low energy consumption LEDs and […]